Seniors & Special-Needs


We love seniors and special-needs pets! That’s why we don’t charge additional money for their special care. You can simply choose the appropriate amount of time needed to make sure your pet gets the right care. We have experience with the most common at-home medical treatments including: diabetes management, assistance for limited mobility, pill giving, eye drops, sub-q injections, sub-q fluid treatment, and asthma inhalers. We are first aid and CPR certified for pets! We also give daily updates via email or text, so you can have peace of mind that your pet’s health is well. All clients of Jackpot Pet Sitting, LLC give us permission to take their pet to the vet in case of an emergency and you can count on us to do just that with your special-needs pets. You can give us detailed information about what is normal for your pet and the kind of care that they need to stay healthy and happy while you’re away. Special needs pet sitting and cat sitting in Seattle is one of our specialties!

Our policy for special needs pets and pets over middle-aged (14 for cats, 8 for large dogs, and 10 for small dogs) is that you need to have had a vet exam with blood work within the last three months before you leave your pet in our care. This helps you to know what is going on with your pet's health and allows us to give proper treatment for your pet's current health needs. It is also best to have a printed copy of your pet's most recent vet records in case we need to take your pet to the vet other than your regular during an emergency. If you are out of the country or will not be immediately reachable in an emergency, you need to have a credit card on file at both your regular vet and a local emergency vet with permission to have us act as your proxy in your absence. 


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