Frequently Asked Questions


Hello! Here are some of our most frequently asked questions for those who like to read a lot! However, always feels free to reach out to us if you have additional questions. We would love to hear from you! Thanks, Jackpot Pet Sitting, LLC.

Why should I use a pet sitter?


By using a pet sitter while you’re away, you reduce the amount of stress on your pets by keeping their routines as close as possible to normal. Our pet sitters are professionals who are licensed, bonded, and trained in Pet CPR and First Aid. By using a professional, rather than a friend or neighbor, you can be better guaranteed that your pets’ needs will be taken care of and you don’t have to worry about your neighbor avoiding eye contact next time you mention you’re going out of town!

What can I expect from you while you’re pet sitting?


You can expect that we follow your care instruction to the letter. You can expect us to be professional, kind, and caring at all times. You can expect us to be aware of the security of your home at all times. You can expect a daily update via email or text, so that you can have peace of mind while you’re away. You can expect that if there is a medical emergency with your pet, that we will take your pet to the vet for care.

Will my home be secure while I’m gone?


All pet sitters and dog walkers at Jackpot are carefully screened and have cleared background checks prior to working with us. Additionally, we are licensed, insured, and bonded. Keys are kept in a locked and secure location. Plus, by having a person come by your home daily, you receive additional security and peace of mind while you’re away from home.

How do I pay you and when?


You can pay by credit card online or by leaving a check or cash in your home. Dog walking is paid by the week. Pet sitting is paid by the trip. You are issued an emailed invoice at the end of services rendered and if you choose to pay by credit card, there is a link inbedded in the invoice that you can use to pay. Invoices are typically sent out on the Friday or Saturday after the end of pet sitting or at the end of the week for dog walking. 

Will I always have the same pet sitter or dog walker?


In general, for dog walking, we try to have 2-3 people trained for your dog and for pet sitting, 1-2 people. This means that if someone gets sick, goes on vacation, or simply needs a day off to be with their family, you are covered! You will always be in the loop as to who will be there to take care of your pet. Only Jackpot Pet Sitting and Dog Walking employees will take care of your pet. We do not subcontract out.

How does the pet sitter or dog walker gain access to my home?


Edit with update for Covid-19 instructions: We are currently asking clients to make sure to give us a key without contact. If you are unable to give us a key to keep on file, you will need to coordinate with Mahriah to drop off and pick up your key from a lockbox. 


(Non-Covid 19 instructions: There are a few ways for the sitter or walker to gain access to your home. The first is for you to give us a key copy, preferably at our initial home consultation. (We charge $15 if we must make a special trip out just for the key.) If we have a copy of your key, they are kept in a secure, locked safe and are never labeled with your address or name.   The other option is to have a locked key box installed, thus taking responsibility for your own key’s security and to provide us with the code. We recommend the Kidde AccessPoint 00514 KeySafe, but ask that you take responsibility for choosing your own secure option. You can also drop off a key to my home, using our key lock box, free of charge. Keys can also be left with building’s concierge if available. However, this is not always the best choice, as often times the building staff will be unavailable temporarily and it can cause unintended complications. Or in more extreme circumstances, such as someone on the building staff calling out sick, it can lead to us not being able to access your apartment. Wait times for the staff will also be included in the time that you booked for your pet. Often we wait 5-15 minutes to gain access, which is a long time to wait for appointments that are often only 20-30 minutes long.)




I have a unique or complicated pet situation. Can you help me?


Let’s talk! We will be honest with you in assessing the situation. If we can help we will and if we can’t, we will try to refer you to someone who can. If you have an extremely quirky pet or a pet with medium-level behavioral issues and you’re unsure how they will respond to being watched by a sitter, we recommend having a paid pet sit prior to you going out of town to make sure that things will go smoothly. 

Can I give a gratuity to my pet sitter or dog walker?


Yes, you can! But, don't worry, you're not expected to. The service fees pays for great service! However, if you choose to give a gratuity, 100% of it goes directly to the sitter or walker. However, please, know that it is not necessary for our services. We have this option only because some of our clients like to be able to give a little extra sometimes. Please, note that if you choose to leave a cash gratuity in your home, please, make it crystal-clear that it is for your sitter or walker. We can never take cash from your home, unless it is very clearly marked as being for us.

What kinds of pets do you sit?


We sit for cats, dogs (only drop-in style pet sitting, though, which may not be the right fit for most dogs), rabbits, rodents, ferrets, and some exotics. For birds and reptiles, it depends upon the type and the needs of your pets.

Are you able to give medicine to my pets?


Yes, we can give medicines. Please, reference our section on senior and special-needs pets under the “services” menu. We are unique because we choose not to charge extra for administering at-home medical treatments. 

What if my pet gets sick while I’m away? 


All pet sitters are trained in Pet CPR and First Aid. If your pet appears to be having a medical emergency, we will take your pet into the vet right away and contact you from the vet. If your pet appears to be sick, but not urgently, we will contact you to decide on the right course of action, prior to taking your pet into the vet.