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Why "Jackpot?"

The “Jackpot” is the moment where your pets get exactly what they want- that moment of absolute joy.  


In the spring of 2013, I adopted a new-to-me cat, Nikki from the Seattle Animal Shelter. Nikki has what might be considered a “difficult to please” personality. She hated dogs, hissed at most people, including my then fiancé, and also was diagnosed with multiple chronic illnesses that needed daily treatments. Knowing that we would soon be moving in with my now husband and our two dogs, I consulted a local cat-behaviorist veterinarian to see if I could help Nikki to better adapt to being around the dogs and people and receiving her daily medicines. The vet suggested using positive reinforcement with treats and petting to encourage Nikki to accept these things easier. I explained that Nikki didn’t really like treats very much. The vet responded, “Nonsense, you just need to find the jackpot treat- the one she goes crazy for!” I kept trying treats and ended up finding just that- the jackpot treat. Through positive reinforcement, Nikki now loves my husband, tolerates the dogs, and looks forward to all of her medical treatments each day. (Really!)


For your pets, the jackpot is what brings them the most joy: an extra special walk or a rub in just the right spot. For pet owners, the jackpot is knowing that our pets are taken care of just right while we’re away from home.


Owner's Profile


Like anyone who chooses to work with pets, I have always loved animals. I worked with the Seattle Humane Society as both a dog foster mom and as a volunteer with the cats. I am a strong believer in the power of positive reinforcement training for both dogs and cats. My own pets are part of my family. I grew up with cats and dogs, both large and small. Before launching Jackpot Pet Sitting, LLC, I had worked for several years as a sales account executive for a prominent Fortune 500 company after earning my MBA abroad, and there were many things that I loved in my job. However, most of my time at work was spent doing things that didn’t really matter to me on a personal level and I knew that I wanted a job that did. My inspiration to begin a pet sitting and dog walking company came from my personal struggle to find the right pet sitter for my chronically ill cat and two dogs. I needed a sitter who could comfortably do medicines for my cat, including injections. Plus, I tend to worry about my pets while I’m away- I wanted daily updates so I would know everything was fine. Even though there are many great pet sitters in the Seattle area, I realized that the best of them were often at capacity! In my search, I found pet sitters who were too busy to take on new clients, pet sitters who couldn’t do injection medicines, pet sitters who didn’t return phone calls, and pet sitters with rates that were affordable for one pet, but very expensive for three pets and medicine giving. I decided to start a pet sitting and dog walking business that could accommodate a pet owner like me! Team Member Info Here.

Mission Statement:

To provide quality pet care that focuses on caring service for both pets and their humans. To us, this means that we take pride in doing things the right way. For the pets, this means following their care instructions down the detail to keep them healthy, safe, and happy throughout all life phases, including the ones that can be more challenging. It means being present and paying attention during every moment of an appointment. It means building a relationship with each animal we care for. For our human clients, we strive to be organized and have excellent communication; responsive, honest, and thoughtful. It means we aim to always try to see things from our clients' points of view and to be respectful of being in their homes and taking care of their precious pets. It means that we charge a fair price. We know our human clients are busy, so we want to be easy to schedule with, easy to work with, and easy to pay. For our employees, we are proud to be an actual employer, with all the responsibilities toward our people that come with this. We aim to have a welcoming atmosphere, with work and life balance. We aim to be a safe work environment and to have practices that ensure safety, along with insurances just in case anything ever went wrong. 

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